Oxygen Absorbing
Taipei Trading Co., Ltd. sales agent MGC deoxidizer for more than 40 years, to provide customers to keep the needs of products, customer base distribution of the food industry, also used for precision instrument parts, historical preservation, leather and other products. In all industries, to Japan's Mitsubishi MGC technology-based, with the Taiwan market demand, to provide excellent products and customer service.

“Iron absorbs oxygen when it rust.”
“Prevent oxidation by eliminating oxygen.”
Just by implementing a combination of such simple ideas, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical was able to develop AGELESS the world’s first free-oxygen absorbing agent.
The free-oxygen absorbing agent, AGELESS, absorbs oxygen in a sealed container and creates a deoxidized environment, where the concentration of oxygen is 0.1% or lower. This way, it is possible to preserve foods by eliminating the ill effects of oxygen.
The free-oxygen absorbing agent AGELESS preserves both the taste and freshness of food.
This outstanding feature of AGELESS also expands its application to pharmaceutical products, clothing, and cosmetics. AGELESS is also used widely to ward off mold as well as mites from clothing and bedding.